Monday, January 25, 2010

Did it Anyway's picture

Today I was not very motivated for a visit to the Gym, but I did it anyway. 10 extra points for me ;-).

cardio: 35min
strength + flexibility 45 min

Exercise : Set Weight Reps
Chest Press Machine: 1 12.00 12
Seated Cable Row : 1 26.00 12 2 26.00 12
Lat Pulldown : 1 19.00 12 2 26.00 12 3 26.00 12
Leg Extension : 1 26.00 12 2 26.00 12
Leg Curl : 1 33.00 12 2 33.00 12 3 33.00 12
Leg Press : 1 155.00 12 2 155.00 12 3 155.00 12

NB: Weight in kilos, 1 kg = 2.2lbs

I pushed myself a bit on the weights today and I am happy about the result. Of course it is still very early times so naturally I plan to increase the weights quite a bit more as the weeks go by. However it is hard enough for me now as it is. I can really feel the last 2-3 of the repetitions so the resistance is hard enough. Positive soreness later in the day confirms that hehehe.

I'm finding it a bit hard that so much time goes into this. It is not only the visits to the gym, but driving there, all the extra showers and changing in and out of clothes and washing of gym clothes and defreezing of car windows etc etc + for me to do this I do need to focus mentally on the journey as well and that too uses up time. I do not try to complain here, just stating the fact that 2-3 hours less available per day is noticed in the every day life.

My goal for tomorrow is very simple as usual: Do some exercise at the gym or take a long walk.