Friday, January 15, 2010's picture

I was a bit sore and walked a bit stiff today which is a very good sign. hehehe. It just means that I gave enough yesterday. Back in the gym today.

cardio: 250 kcal on treadmill, a bit higher speed and incline today which is good.

Seated leg press

Lots of stretches. Not in the mood for upper body work today so I went to Coop and filled up my fridge and freezer with chicken, ground chicken, minced beef and fish filets and more vegs.

I also decided I wanted a bit of a treat in the weekend so I bought a bottle of Fanta Zero.

My biggest problem working out is that I get pains in my upper arm which is a problem area for me which can get terribly painful and inflammed. The challenge is that even using the treadmill can make it worse which probably sounds strange but I guess more intense walking involves much more than using the lower body. My arm is now painful and I have problems stretching it up in the air. SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still on a waiting list for a physiotherapist to help me do the right exercises to improve the problem. Maybe Global Health and Fitness can help me with that? I did write that this was one of my main concerns that I wanted help with when I rejoined this time.

Off for some deserved carbs and proteins now. :-)