Saturday, January 02, 2010

Another day focusing on flexibilty training, getting lots of water down and eating clean. :-) Today's painting is of one of the classic stretches.

Cat Stretch,
watercolours on watercolour paper
p&p is FREE

7.5 years ago I attended physical rehabilitation training for 4 weeks and they used what we nicknamed "the torture stick" as one of the tools to loosen up stiffness, tensions and pains all the way from the toes and the feet up. In short it is a sanded piece cut from a broomstick which we decorated as a memory LOL. The reason it was called a torture stick is that when you are injured and/or unfit treading on it and doing all kinds of exercises while doing that it really hurts. It is like foot zonetheraphy where they press the most hurtful areas.

Tonight I fetched it atnd started using it and YEPP it still deservs its nick name. Well, the mucles and joints in the feet and toes also need to function well for a person to function well.

Doing some more stretches tonight I am horrified by how stiff I am even in places I imagined would be OK. I have just adjusted my plans a bit. No way only this week of flexibility training is enough before I start proper strength training. The coming week will only be careful cardio and strength untill I feel that my body functions a bit better. Keeping my motivation if this takes a long time will of course be the challenge. I am very impatient as a person and as most people I want the quick results.

Hamsting stretch, quadriplex stretch, Anterior Tibialis stretch, calf stretches. They all have too narrow a range before they are painful for me. Well, nothing to do about that but keep working on improving my body's functions.

Been very good at water today 4.3 liters this far and 1170 kcal