Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Physiotherapist called

The physiotherapist called me and apologised for the very very very long wait. They had been very busy. In short I am to see her Friday to see whether the tendonitis is "active" at the moment. If so I will get appointments in the city for some kind of ...wave treatment they have there which is supposed to be very good. After that she will help me get specialized exercises to build the arm up as well as prevent the inflammations to return HOPEFULLY.

No outdoor walking today - too cold again. I need to stay indoors and try to heat up the house as much as possible. One of the doorframes is getting wrong for its door again. Fortunately the forecast is for a short cold spell this time :-). Also going to the gym is out of the question for two reasons. One is as I said me needing to monitor a couple of the extra ovens needed in the cold. Secondly, I am pretty sore after yesterday's workout which is good but a signal to take it a bit easy today


Ben Cousins said...

I have found that it takes longer to get in and see a good physiotherapist.

I hope your appointment went well! I always feel better after seeing my physio.