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Still very far from the proper training I aim for, but day by day I am getting a small step further. :-)

Did a series of more old fashioned exercises today together with some stretches. Very happy to tell you that I can feel some improvement in my range of motion after the flexibility work this week. :-).

Had planned on going to the gym tonight but no way is that possible. My car is very unhappy with the temperatures. -25 degrees Celcius today (-13F). Hopefully tomorrow it will be possible but I do fear that driving there will be impossible.

This morning we have spent the largest amount of electricity EVER i Norway due to the low temperatures in much of Norway. I should not complain though. Further north and inland temperatures have been in the - 40s (-40 C = -40 F) That is in the area close to Lillehammer, where they had the Olympic Games in 1994 when Tonia Harding and Nancy Kerrigan were willing to do nearly anything to attend. Lots of extra chimney fires of course too due to people heating their houses like mad with wood. Those selling fire wood and ovens are nearly outsold though so hehehe there is always someone who gets an advantage.

BUT we are so very fortunate here in Norway because houses and all practical things are fairly well suited for this temperatures (only not for so long) or tons of snow. I pity the Brits, though. Nearly half of them in many areas were unable to get to work today due to extreme snow conditions.

Planning to get some crunches done before bed too :-)

Did excellent with Food and water too :-))))))))))))))))


Diane said...

It is indeed very bad here Trine--snowed in good and proper.Its -9 here tonight with more snow and freezing tempratures for next two weeks.Well done on your healthy living regime-we are doing well here too--weighed at docs yesterday and Ive lost 7lb since week before christmas!