Saturday, January 02, 2010

At the moment I am trying to get my body out of hibernating mode. The cold weather seems to increase my urge to hibernate - a wish to curl up within a blanket taking it easy, just resting and keeping warm. Only problem is that humans unlike bears tend to eat more insted of not during hibernating so it is not a good option for us. Historically our bodies are used to taking it easy during the darker and colder months after hectiv hunting and gathering during autumn. At least I think my body has a genetic memory of winter being the time to gather around a fireplace and tell stories and do handicrafts. LOL.

I have now just returned after having filled up my fridge and cupboards with vegetables in all kinds of versions in addition to some fish and seafood. I need to get those first kilos off fairly quickly so that I get a motivation boost. That means being very good with my food because the season now is not one where physical activity is something I yearn for.

As for today and painting, I hope to post something later tonight.