Monday, May 05, 2008

Where to Go?
encaustic art
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Below are my Baby Ghost Beauty which I adore.


Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful if you would paint this little praying mantis as an ACEO. An ACEO would give a good impression of this insect's tiny size and delicacy. One can easily see how this insect could blend into its environment extremely easily since it looks to me like a tiny twig with dried, curled up leaves on it. I have only seen large green mantises shaped differently before, so I find this one adorable!

Anonymous said...

I had fun with this encaustic paintint WHERE TO GO by seeing how many ways I could get to the white spot, that is almost in the center and starting from an edge, without being what I considered to be blocked. In this way it was like a maze to me and its title is very appropriate!