Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life has its ups and down that is for sure. Last night my spring cold broke through so the last 24 hours has been marked by a sore troat as well as a runny nose, headache etc etc. so I have taken care of myself today to give my body a chance to fight this. In a minute I will be making muffins/chocolate cup cakes for those of my students that will be at school tomorrow preparing for their English Exam on Tuesday.

Natural slides,
encaustic art
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My baby ghost has grown and is so lovely. Problem is that she is so active if I take her out of the cage that it is difficult to get good photos of her. If she is not trying to climb my arm then she is swaying like a leaf in the wind blurring any photos. Here are a couple that show how lovely she is like a sculpture. Phylocrania Paradoxa - Ghost praying mantis- spøkelseskneler (2 photos below)

Unfortunately only 1 out of 10 nymphs survived transpostation due to bad packing. This single one is healthy and hunting and active and lovely. so here is photos of a Parasphendale agrionina - budwing praying mantis. (two photos below)

This is how big those mantids that has survied of the 150 that hatched 10 days ago is now. Tenodera aridifolia sinensis = Chinese praying mantis (below)


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for showing us the progress of your fascinating insects! The babies hatched at your home have grown so much that they are starting to look, as well as to act, like the predators that they are.

I must admit that Ghost is my favorite and it saddens me to find out that the other nine that were sent with her died because of careless packing. Ghost seems to me to be not only perfectly adapted for concealment, it also seems feminine to me with its body parts that look either like dried leaves or ruffles. I think that Ghost is the most fascinating insect that I have ever seen, probably because you have given her a personality for me.

Thank you for adding to my knowledge!

Lori McNamara said...

Your bugs are looking so cool! I am glad they are growing and doing well. I hope your cold gets better soon. I love the romantic encaustic, beautiful colors!

Anonymous said...

To me NATURAL SLIDES looks like a dragon. The "slides" are the dragon's body and one can see most of the dragon's head at the upper left part of the painting. This is a good example of why I like abstracts so much: they can be seen in so many different ways.