Sunday, May 25, 2008

It is now 3. a.m. and I have had a lovely night with two of my collegues, talking and drinking wine and eating cheese and biscuits while solving the problems of this world. :-) . This is how we might end up feeling tomorrow even though I think we showed a bit restraint.

Invation of the Alien Species,

encaustic art



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Yesterday I took this lovely photo of a spider which hunted without a net on a dandelion. It is a Misumena vatia - kameleon krabbeedderkopp - goldenrod crab spider and it is quite an interesting species in a interesting group of spiders. Besides I found it lovely and I have been among those who run a mile if I saw a spider hehehe.

more about this spider


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is because of the yellow flower below, but this painting seems to me to be a flower blossom being attacked by some plant disease. The blue areas, the "alien species", would be the disease. I think that a gardener would like to have this painting as a reminder always to be on guard against the many attackers, such as mildew, white fly, rust, etc., that can attack plants. I know that if I were still able to garden, I would want this painting as such a reminder!