Sunday, May 25, 2008

I have had a lovely day today. My daughter (20) visited and she has got an appartment finally and yesterday my son (19) got the contract for his job/practical learning place for the next 2 years and it was a veru good contract. As every parent can relate to, life is often very good when the children's lives are sorted.

Paradise Bouquet,
encaustic art
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This is the family's extra house which is used like most use a cabin. It is situated quite high up and my daughter and I went for a walk after going through the house and checking it. The basement did not look good. the mice had had a field day and LOL even the electric mice reppelant beep thing was eaten on. The basement tend to get to humid during spring and late winter and we use up tons of the dryball-stuff which drags moisture out of the room.

While tidying up in the basement, removing huge amounts of mouse droppings I also guided this one here out.

Lithobius forficatus - steinskolopender - Brown Centipede

As I came home and wanted to wash some clothes for my daughter who is moving this weekend and wanted everything freshly washed, I saw this little beetle and helped it get out of the house. before doing that I had to take some photos of course. I hope to add the species tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see a painting of one of your beautiful iridescent beetles! Are there iridescent paints in Norway? Do they exist at all? If so, either of your two gorgeous beetles would make a lovely painting, if the insects were shown going about their business in their natural, outdoor habitat.

As to your latest painting PARADISE BOUQUET, I think that it is very beautiful, but that it would make a better bouquet and painting if it were turned upside down. That way the fullest, most numerous blossoms would be at the top, the way that blooms are arranged in a bouquet.

Ed Terpening said...

Beautiful work. Love the fluidity of this. Must be interesting working in this medium.