Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One of my most used tracks has parts which is very soft to walk on which is very good for my joints, espeically my knees. In winter they make skiing tracks here. The first photo is taken at one of the highest points and today I had a lovely view at aorund 8 p.m. here.
On the side of this track you can see the upper parts of a housing area called Seaman's town because originally lots of sailers settled here. As you can see the houses are very well integrated in the foresty invironment.
This third photo shows the path continuing through the forest.
And a bit further along that track.


Anonymous said...

You paint living creatures so well and this beetle is so beautiful, will you paint it? I have seen some of your insect paintings and they are a lovely combination of the realistic and the abstract to my eyes. I would like to see if you can catch the iridescence of this gorgeous beetle. I grew up around stink bugs and this beetle is the complete opposite of one. It would be interesting to have a painting of each of them hanging side by side, the one flashy and eye-catching and the other mundane and somber. They would be a wonderful example of the great variety found in nature.

Trine said...

I will paint more insects when I find the right time. Trine