Saturday, May 03, 2008

The last days I have been very active, I have tidyed my house, basement, garden etc and raked and vacuumed and done all those things that we connect with spring cleaning indoors as well as outdoors. It is such a lovely feeling to have it done. The good concience is priceless.

I have also been very good with my food and have eaten superhealthy - LOL my new favourite is tomatosalat with fresh herbs.

Yesterday my daugher came home and I made her a lovely and healthy dinner. Friday I won a bottle of wine at work at the once a week winelottory. That one went fine with our food. I might even have one glass of it tonight since we did not finish the bottle.

My son still has my car so two days in a row I have had to walk to the shops as well as to the post office etc. Very good for me :-)).

Todays abstract symbolises the lovely landscapes that can be enjoyed walking in. You can feel free to see whatever you like in it.

A Landscape to Make Me Walk,
encaustic art
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Anonymous said...

I like this painting not only because of its colors, but mainly because the colors combine with the textures of the painting to give an abstract impression of a rough hiking trail that leads higher up into the mountains. The ledge part of the trail looks much like the red rock found in the American Southwest and the trail looks like it leads up into the forested tops of the mountains.