Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today is Norway's national day where we celebrate our constitution.
The main thing on this day are the children's parades. Here is a link with the historical background for this day. And a link to wikipedia's explanation of our celebration.
The last years a traditional costume called bunad has become more and more popular. They are heavily embroidered and there is quite an amount of silver involved. Terribly expensive if you do not do the embroidery yourself but most consider itw orth it because then you have one for ther est of your life.

This being a traditional day - I went for a romantic theme today.

Old Fashioned Romance,
encaustic art

Below are a couple of photos of two of the species of stick insect that I have. First Exatosoma tiaratum - McCleays Spectre sideview . Cool isn't it?

Eurycantha Calcarata
No less cool.


Anonymous said...

I love OLD FASHIONED ROMANCE not only because green, pink, and white or off-white is my favorite color combination, but also because of the way that you combined the colors. Your abstract gives such a strong impression of beautiful flowers that I would love living with a larger version of it.