Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nature was my inspiration today. I spent most of this sunny lovely Sunday outdoors and that shows I think.

A little reminder. Although I prefer to have titles that reflect one of my interpretations of my abstracts, you are totally free to see and interprete exactly as you like. The best part of encaustic abstract art is that I usally see many different things as I do here. Then I have to chose one interpretation for the title.

Blue Feathers,
encaustic art


Anonymous said...

What a perfect title for such a beautiful painting!

Anonymous said...

This painting now looks to me like a woman, seen from behind, in a matching hat and shirt with the shirt's collar turned up in back. Now that I see it this way, I would give the painting the title MATCHING OUTFIT. I find this artist's paintings to be especially interesting because each time that I see many of her abstract or semi-abstract works in a new way, I become convinced, at least for a while, that the new way is the primary way in which the painting SHOULD be seen. I very often end up feeling ridiculous because of my attempts to try to choose the best interpetations for works of art that have almost unlimited interpretations.