Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today I went for a walk as usual as well as trying to capture whatever creature visited my flowers in the garden. Below is one of the visitors today. As I take macro photos I get to see this amazing world that we do not usually see simply because it is too small.

I have other news as well. My baby Ghost is not so babyish any more. Today it molted and came out of the old skin much larger and oh soooo beautiful. I have not managed to get a proper photo of it yet but hope to be able to get one tomorrow.

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From Wikipedia:

Eristalis tenax is a European hoverfly, also known as the drone fly (or "dronefly"). It has been introduced into North America and is widely established there.
It looks somewhat like a drone honey bee, and likely gains some degree of protection from this resemblance to a stinging insect. The adults are called drone flies because of this resemblance. Like other hover flies, they are common visitors to flowers, especially in late summer and autumn, and can be significant pollinators.

This has eyes that are apart in the forehead so it is a female.