Thursday, May 22, 2008

I went to work today but had to go home halfway through due to the fever and the headache. I will stay home tomorrow I think and get real well before next week. This has been a very calm day where I have prioritized rest and plenty of liquids. I chose a nice topic today and found it soothing.

Clear Romance,
encaustic art


Lori McNamara said...

Trine this one is so pretty! I love your pink and green abstracts.

The new mantis are very cool! I got some chinese egg cases, they hatched yesterday. I let a whole bunch go in the yard. I have kept some. When is the first molt?

I am enjoying the photos, the green beetle is very cool and I would love to walk on those nice trails.

Get better!

Anonymous said...

I am delighted to see another one of your green, pink, and white encaustics. I would be happy if you never used any other color combination, but, of course, that would be much too limiting for you!

It is very enjoyable to have a DP who is very involved in encaustic painting. I hope that you never give it up!