Monday, November 05, 2007

As told you yesterday I would show you the deer studies I did in ink on shuen paper during the last days - some are ok, some not so ok but all are parts of a learning experience. Two of them are done after instructions on youtube. Definately not as easy as it seems when watching a pro doing it hehe.

The acrylics is my way of trying to show an autumn scene late in the evening.

Red Trees in Autumn,
acrylics on canvas board 18x24
$100 p&p worldwide included

This deer calf got a bit leggy but then again that is how some of them look, LOL just think of Bambi on the ice.

This near abstract deer ended up looking likea lama hehe

And this one truned definately out more like a reindeer.

here is the first one made by using yourtube instruction

and here is the second., a pair

I do hope that me showing also my studies and work that shows me learning but not totally "there" yet inspires those readers that like me " could not draw or paint even if their life depended on it". Find a crayon, a pen, a encil or a brush and just have a go. Your should have seen some of my first tries - let's just say that any animal turned out a transgenic and not on purpose. LOL