Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another thank you to somesai at Flickr for her being kind and allowing me use of her photos as reference.

This one I made a so and so framing with for the guild's fair so that a possible buyer can take it out and mount it in an oriental way if he or she would like that.

This weekend I have spent a lot of my time getting ready for the fair. It is amazing how much time passes just sorting through works and trying to decided which one to put in what frame and which mount etc etc. Since this is to be hung on Thursday, the local mount makers are not too happy about questions about specially made sizes this late, so all in all - same procedure as every time. Too late and stressing like mad. I have no less than 5 paintings at the framer - none will be finished in time. Well, there is other places and other times to show them. I find myself not taking this so serious this time and hopefully that means that I will not focus on sales that much but just enjoy showing off my work and talking to other artists.

Together - Me and My Mum,
ink on japanese rice paper

$100 p&p worldwide included


WD said...

that is a ridiculisly good painting like sell it for 100 bucks

ameros said...

this one is really great. best one. i love it.
imagin - daily paintings by Ameros