Friday, November 02, 2007

Finally the weekend arrived. Not that the week hasn't been good but because it has been very hectic with travelling for a a course on Thuesday and future-studies mass with my students on wednesday and all the teacher parent conferences last night. This will be my first weekend totally alone for quite some time and I very much look forward to a quiet weekend of painting and maybe a bit of autumn garden work preparing for winter. My roses are pretty annoyed with me for not having covered them up yet.

Tonight I enjoyed myself making another bird, the robin that is posted here, after having baked for the first time in ages. I also made the lion cub which I myself think is quite cute. The horse on the other hand is totally Horrible but since I promised I would also sho the bad ones, I decided to put that one out too. Maybe it will make a few viewers be brave enough to try painting seeing it LOL.

Robin SOLD
size 20x23cm
$40 p&p worldwide included

Lioncub, ink on shuen paper
actual painting ca 14x14cm but there is empthy paper around
$30 p&p worldwide included

Horrible Horse
nfs obviously LOL