Sunday, November 25, 2007

I had another sale today, An ACEO of 3 dragonflies I made in May. Totally unexpected so even lovelier for that reason.

At the crafts fair I've had a nice time. Lot of interest in the chinese brush painting. In addition to the paintings I had displayed mounted and framed I also had theA3 binder with 40 plastic sheets meaning it contained 80-90 works. Several persons browsed through the entire portefolio and asked questions. I had no sales but that was expected. People usually buy the less expensive things on the fairs but look at the rest and contact us privately later whne they want or need for example a birthday present. Of course it would have been lovely to have lots of red dots but that is the way things work locally here.

The lady responsible for the Gautefall Sentral, a shop in connection with the Alpine Center brought with her 4 of my works which she will display and try to sell there.

I also got invitations for an art exhibition in mid Desember at the Alpine Hotel. i do not know yet whether I will attend. Time will tell.

The Basset 2 posted below here got a home though today. A little girl stood there gazeing at it and then told me it reminded her so of her dog that had recently passed away. Of course it only took me one second to understand where the home of this painting was.

Here are two more monkeys and a couple of mice I practiced painting on silk. Not the same as paper - very interesting.

Monkey 2,
ink on shuen paper
23x34cm paper
$50 p&p worldwide included

Monkey 3,
ink on shuen paper
$50 p&p worldwide included

Mice on silk satin