Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This one I will display with a mount and a frame on the fair. Whoever asks for it first, visitors there or you people around the globe will get it.

Koala - in Mama's Arms,
ink on rice paper
$50 p%p worldwide included

Today I am so tired that getting things done is really hard. I checked out the paintings I planned to bring to the fair and exchanged a few. I find it hard to chose which ones. My eyes hurt and I do not look forward to tomorrow. I have accepted two extra classes tomorrow too because several of our collegues are away. Tonight I really should have graded some ESL tests and papers but I do not want to do that when I am so tired because I want my students to have the advantage of a positive and fairly rested person evaluating them. One of the problems is that most of this work is in classfronter - a learning platform and thus I have to read the students' works on a pc screen which is wearing my eyes down.

Well that was my complaining done. Except from that I have had a lovely afternoon with my daughter and her boyfriend visiting, talking and eating muffins. :-)