Sunday, November 18, 2007


ink on shuen paper

23x34 cm

$50 p&p worldwide included.

Finally yesterday I finished preparing for the Christmas fair this weekend. Now all I need are a few nails to use when hanging my work up. Of course we only have a limited space each so to show what I have been doing the last half year I decided to invest in this big binder with thick plactic sheets and cardboard to put inside. My daughter saw it when she visited last and told me it looked very professional. And of course it is made using recycled paper.

I am satisfied with it myself because by putting different coloured cardboard inside the plastic sheets I not only stiffen it up which preservs the work better, I also give a fake mounted impression and that might help possible viewers imagine how the work will look mounted and framed.

Even though it was very expensive ($ 35 for the binder and nearly 3 for the sheets and in addition the cardboard), I consider getting one per half year to protect my work and to be portefolios for possible buyers and help myself find the right work when you send your purchase inquiries LOL.

If I continue ot be a daily painter and I plan on doing that, then if I add sketches and studies and such as well I end up with around 500 pieces a year and only a few sell so I need to find good ways to store and protect mywork.


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Diane Widler Wenzel said...

I think the binder with card stock backing is a mighty good way to present your originals. I wish tyou the best of luck at the faire and I look forward to seeing your work develop on Daily Painters. You are one of my favorites.