Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yesterday and today I have worked hard on chicks. I'll show you more results bit by bit over the weekend. What I chose to show you today is one with 3 chicks. I like it because they turned out having so strong personalities that I made up a whole story about them. The one on your left is a shy chick only wanting to be allowed to play with the others. The middle one is a tough guy, the kind that goes around with the hands deep into the pockets, shoulders slumped and a genral air of "who cares". The last one - the one on your right I find to look quite mean, the type that enjoys intrigue and stirring up trouble and making others get hurt. He prefers though that others do the deeds itself - he prefers to pull treads and pour poison around. LOL as you can see I have the whole start of a story here.

"Let us get him"
ink on shuen paper
approx 15x20cm
price not decided yet

This other painting is of a bird I nearly did not believe really existed when I first saw paintings of them. Now I know better and am very faschinated by the kingfisher species. I've been collecting reference phtoos for a while and will robably focus on it one day soon.

I tried wetmounting these and a few ACEO chicks. It is way harder than it looks. The rice paper shrank so I've learned that I have to mount it on the same kind of paper when wet mounting. Getting the air bubbles out without damaging the very thin paper is also very difficult. Well, I guess I will be better in time.

ink on rice paper
approx 13x14 cm
nfs ( not good enough)