Friday, November 23, 2007

Today I exlored using ink a bit differently and found it pleasing. I'll probably do more in this style.

Another purchase inquiry came though tonight and my "heron - cocky teenager" will be travelling to Southern California, lucky he going to the land of the sun and warmt hehe. That makes it the third week in a row where I send several paintings across the Atlantic.

The start of the exhibition went nicely although with fairly few visitors. One of the churches also opened their Christmas market tonight and they are in the community center while we are in the outskirts. Hopefully tomorrow we will be flooded hehe. The exhibition looks good though and I have already bough a few Christmas gifts myself.

Basset 2
ink on shuen paper
size 23x32 cm
On the exhibition November the 25th This young girl came to my stand and looked at my work. She then told me that this painting so reminded her of her dog that had recently passed away. When asking her she told me that was only days ago. It only took me 2 seconds to be absolutely sure where this painting belonged. LOL. " Gran, gran, she run away yelling :-).
I was very happy that one of my paintings got the perfect home.

Basset 1
ink on shuen paper
23x32 cm
$50 p&p worldwide included

Shihtzu, ( at least that is what I believe the breed is called)
ink on shuen paper
approx 23x34cm
$50 p&p worldwide included


blh said...

I used to show dogs and I even had a dog like your Basset II, only we call them by a different name. I think that Basset II is magnificent!