Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sitting for 6 hours at the exhibition today I ended up painting a rabbit ( which I unfortunately can not show you because I gave it away to two children, sister and brother who ended up watching me. ) I was very happy that I brought my brushes and ink because time do stretch out when you sit there and since I quit smoking last year I do not even go outside to smoke. Last year I spent 3 days looking at visitors and mentally trying to get them to look at my displayed paintings. The disappointments when people do not look is hard to take hour after hour even though it is quite normal that some like this and some like that and some isn't interested in fine art at all. This year by painting and demonstrating I avoided that nevrotic attitude towards the visitors LOL. Yepp, I am exaggerating but you get my point, it is like watching milk boil. The best thing is to relax and not fret.

Monkey 1
ink on shuen paper
papersize approx 23x34 cm
$50 p&p worldwide included.
If interested, just contact me to get a confirmation that it is still available and then you can pay using the paypal button to your right.