Sunday, November 04, 2007

Calm Sunday here where I washed my windows on the outside. Very much needed since I washed the walls before painting them.

This weekend I have both worked in acrylics and in ink. To give you some variation I'll show you the acrylics before I'll post the pitiful ink deers LOL. I have orded today a seal to put on my ink paintings. It is ready made untill I'll be able to have a personalized one made. One of the seals I chose was "Still learning" and that will be ut on those deers. Come back this week and I'll show them to you.

This painting was inspired by the beautiful sun we had this weekend coming through my finally clean windows and the beautiful colours that autumn brings.

Autumn colours on trees,
acrylics on canvas board 18x24 cm
$100 p&p worldwide included