Friday, July 20, 2007

size approximately A5. Today we saw the sun :-) but of course also the rain. For some reason I started a major decluttering of living room and bathroom today. Filled 3 black bin bags too. It was kind of sad to throw away huge amounts of cassetts and vhs which I have spent many many hours gathering years ago, and ashamed to say many not listened too. The quality on them is of course very poor after having taped music from bad radio connections in mono hehe. the videos are not much better some of them. Neverthe less it was nostalgic to throw them away.

I have been dreaming about doing extreme makeover on the insides of my house too this year BUT I have not completely lost my senses and will probably end up with extreme decluttering and summer cleaning and only do a bit of painting and similar which does not cost that much and which is easy to do myself.

The painting today is done on so called shuen paper in chinese ink, painted with a chinese brush. To me it expresses " I am strong" kind of like "watch me, see my strong body and soul, I'll survive" so I have named it "Showing Muscles2 I will try to mount it or put a simple frame on it if I can find one I like in the right size.