Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I chose to call this work " Twisted Roads of the Heart" BUT I always prefer my viewer to feel free to see what THEY see and not be limited by the title.

I really need to find some time to show you all the work being done here properly. Today we painted the the waterpipes? ( takerenner) on the house black. These are 60 years old ones which we scraped and scrubbed and cleaned yesterday. At first I had planned to get new ones but a friend said they were very well made as an old handicraft and could serve me better than cheap new ones once cleaned and restored properly. So after a think that is what I went for.

Don't they look good? Of course I'll do a second layer but for now they are protected when we start taking off the old roof stones. As you can see - it was time.

After we finished today I realized that we had some spare bengalack so I painted the old rusty double ladder in the middle. It turned out great. Pity it is not mine hehe, but anyway it is nice to return this borrowed one looking nice.

I have also been very fortunate in that my now retired boss has kindly lent me his car hanger when I have needed it to fetch materials or drive away rubbish. That hanger has faily old wheels and I plan to do something about that instead of buying him flowers or similar to express my gratitude. Here my son and I are nearly done emptying this hanger.
It is hard work we're doing these days and together with my excesses at the gym, I am on my way to reaching my first goals, weight- and fitnesswise which I had for the summer. :-)))))