Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I do not yet get to paint as much as I believed I would this week but sometimes LOL I end up painting something I did not expect to paint. This is a soundbox my son is working on for our car. Inside of this box there are several channels where the air can go. When just putting a tiny pc speaker inside we can hear a tremndous difference. I can not imagine the sound when he puts in huuuuuge bass elements etc. LOL it will really be something for Mum to cruise in hehehe.

Most of this box will be covered with fabric both inside and on the outside.

Well, anyway, the elements have some red parts and he also wants to buy some red lights. th result was that quite a few hours was spent painting shapes somewhat flamelike. I did not want the biker kind of flames, more like organic shapes so that is why I have posted first a painting of red flames and now a painting of blue flames on black. My son obviously wanted to see some demos of how it could look done in acrylics so here are the painting of blue flames and below is the box.

Unfortunately getting photos of this blue on black is fairly difficult so I appologise for the bad photo quality.

I really hope for better weather tomorrow because today it has been raining cats and dogs. I am so happy about the newly opened gym because this weather does not inspire to physical activity outdoors. I have been very good lately. Last week I worked out 5 days with lots of cardio and I started this week today with killing speed and incline on the treadmill for an hour. LOL I was in a black financial mood and needed to powerwalk it off.