Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today I started by being very annoyed because we had to wait untill a non specific time to get the chainsaw man to come. I ended up very annoyed because we could not get any contact and without that I could not rent the machine to grind up the branches or split the wood for firewood afterwards - in short everything kind of stopped while all had to wait for this one man and one chain saw which we never knew when would arrive. I was simply an inch from just buying my own saw. I do have both the protective trousers and booth from my younger days. hehe (of course this was just the last drop and triggered the anger - usually it takes lots more.)

Well in the end I had to do something to get rid of this anger filing me up so LOL I spent an hour or so furiously digging up this old potato area in my garden - by hand meaning me and a spade and lots of anger. I even deweeded it. I will use this plot as a temporarily storing place for plants that will have to be moved to survive when the big diggers and containers and builders scaffolding starts arriving.

Friday, as I wrote then we had some help from expert woodworkers from the electricity dep who took down some trees that could have damaged the lines or the house if felled wrongly. Here are two of them. The debranching and cutting and cleaning up we had to do ourselves.

And after lots of hard work today by several persons, this is part of the wood that we ended up with which we'll split tomorrow and stack to dry so that it will keep me warm a winter to come.
Here is also part of the stack of branches that I will rent a grinder for tomorrow. It became quite huge in the end.
Tomorrow morning we'll be off with a big hanger to the nearest town to fetch then materials for making a new roof. Yes, The house, the roof the garden are all in transformation these days.
So are my car which was EU tested and fixed last week . . and which is nearly filled with special designed super sound system. More later with photos.
and so am I too trying for a physical transformation through diet, training and living a healthy life LOL like doing something constructive with my emotions like today hehe.