Sunday, July 29, 2007

Finally today I managed to find time to paint a bit. It seems like I am in a very monochrome, simplefied expressive, figurative nearly feministic phase. LOL that was quite a few words for what probably looks very simplistic at first glance.

I do hope it will create many thoughts in you seeing it. That is what I hope for. I would love comments on what you thought. I am very unsure of how close up I want to frame it to be. I find it to provoke different thoughts in me when I get her closer than in the distant one.

Yes it is Sunday and we are supposed to rest, but we definately did not. At last the sun won the battle nad the rain stopped. We have been working like mad on the roof today and will start early tomorrow too. I do not know what I would have done had the rain not stopped - at least for a while. I do not trust the weather at all this summer. We do need to stop doing whetever we're doing so that the climatic changes can be somewhat reduced.

I have a mountainous area at the back of my house and today I cleaned it up a bit to make the rock show better through. I do love the texture and patterns within rocks.

Here is my carpenter helper in the hole in the roof. I was so happy when all that was rotten was exchanged with fresh materials. And the next photo is when the first row of new roof came up today. Boy was I happy.

I have also had a few helpers putting up the support and doing the washing at the top. You can also see here parts of the wooden walls that had to be changed.


blh said...

"Bended Neck" seems to me to be a woman who is keeping fit by doing her exercises. Exercises are boring, so one can imagine her thinking about almost anything. while she is doing them. This leads the viewer off on thoughts of his or her own, or at least the painting does this for me.