Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today I have been really fed up with the rain, It is so annoying when we try to work on the house. Also I now feel I need the warmt and light of the sun to cheer me up. Some of you may have noticed that I paint best when I have been energised a bit by the sun LOL.
No feeling of holidays either when the weather is like this. I do try however to be very grateful that I do not have any problems with flooding as many have.

Tonight for an hour a nabour and I went snail hunting. The Iberiea snail has arrived here in numbers so a little before dark we walk around picking them up - a very delicate job (NOT) but one that has to be done.

Tomorrow the weather forecast is a bit drier and I really hope that it is right. I do need two things to function properly the coming weekend and be positive nad productive and that is sun and sleep which ahs been a serious problem lately. Last night I gave up and spendt a couple of hours sorting through drawers and papers. Today has not been good.

I have so much I want to paint but I simply am not in the mood for outdoor painting in the rain. I hope to be a bit more cheerful tomorrow.

ACEO ATC 07-07-07 Raddishes