Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Had my car to the EU control today. Was qiute a few things with the brakes so good to get it done. Not too happy about the bill though. Will be approximately $1000.

Today I got the " shopping list" for what will be needed for the roof. Not as bad as I feared. Will probably be around $4000 for the materials and that is only if quite much has to be replaced. so the big challenge is the costs of labor.

Today I also was very proud in the gym. After doing a new fitness test which had increased from 29 to 30 jippiii, I did 1 hour on the treadmill AND THEN I DID MORE THAN 30 MINUTES ON THE ROWING MACHINE. That is very good since only a week ago 5 minutes was pretty hard.

All in all it looks like both I, the house, and the car will meet the new year or even the new school year in much better shape. Costs tons though so I have spent days finding out how to arrange it financially.

ACEO ATC 07-07-02 Yellow Plums


Diane said...

There will be nothing left of you Trine if you keep going to the gym like that!