Saturday, July 07, 2007

Today has been a calm day. I went to the gym, enjoyed my strawberries with my bran flakes when I returned, I visited some friends and I went murdersnail hunting with a nabour. My son returned home after a trip and that was nice. My daughter had permission to be away today because her boyfriend leaves tomorrow dor a holiday abroad with his family.

I am very happy right now because I just received a pruchase enquiry from Florida for "Playing in the Seaweeds". That one turned out very popular. My daughters flatmate also fell for that one.

This aubergine as well as the other fruits and vegs are part of me practicing chinese brush painting tachniques by using Jane Dwights instructions. This one I really liked because it was a nice "lesson" to really see how many interesting shades one can create by the right loading of the brush.