Wednesday, July 11, 2007

These days what is most prominent in the news are the rain and flooding and possible landslides. Fortunately that is not a problem where I live, but I must admit the continuing rain is kind of annoying. Today we had to stop the work on the house and if the weather is as wet again tomorrow we will take a break and wait for drier weather.

What I am proud of though is that whenever the rain stops or at least is very weak for a while, then I am out and about walking and watching nature. Today I became kind of mesmerized by the very special greens outside now. Probably due to all this rain and at the same time fairly warm weather. If only the rain will take a bit of a break then I will be out with my easel and paints trying to capture some of it, painting plein air.

Today "Playing in the Seaweeds" left home and is on its way to Florida USA where I am sure it will get a good life. I was a bit unsure about the packing so to be sure, I got my son to cut a panel board as support and I kept putting more bubble wrap on corners etc etc. Hopefully it will arrive safely ( 4-7 days with this A priority mail according to the post office). So do not hesitate because of the distance - I always send quickest mail meaning any painting normally should arrive within the week.

This ink painting on shuen paper A5 size is inspired by pattersn of roots on the path where I walked today.


bj said...

Nature tries to communicate in various ways. But we fly by, engrossed in our latest cell conversation. Thank you for taking time to transcribe what is being said. It's up to us to translate the meaning.