Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today my painting time disappeared because of a call from the police. Someone had found the corpse or if you like sceleton of my son's stolen moped. The rest of today went by fetching it and realted things. It was a sad sad sight. My son had really worked on it both layout design and engine. Of course there is the financial loss ( insurance never pays all and only listed value not incresed value.) but worse was that we now know that someone locally did it and that it probably will be a young person both I as a teacher knows well and it might be someone my son has been on friendly terms with. All in all I feel quite unwell thinking about it.

Today we have had the electricity expert lumberjack visiting. You know those men that cut down the very difficult trees that might fall over the lines and similar. The result; I now have felled trees all over my garden. I became totally impressed, I had this huge birch which could have fallen on top of my house and broke the roof. They went away from it and only with a tiny stick he picked up from the ground he said "oh no, it won't hit the hedge, it will come to about here. I swear the top tip landed nearly on the same inch he had indicated and that tree was tall.

Tomorrow will be a day of debranching and cutting them up and I hope to borrow or rent a machine that cuts brances into small sticks which can be used in flowerbeds to avoid weeds. All in all a very noisy day tomorrow.

In the evening and at night tomorrow thee will be lots of music because the BIG Summer Dance is tomorrow close by. LOl I can join without leaving my own house. Earlier they will probably practice a bit so tomorrow will also be lots of music.

The painting I am posting today is one I did last month. I really hope I will get some real oil or acrylic painting done tomorrow but maybe there will not be enough peace before Sunday.