Saturday, July 21, 2007

Both chili and paprika has the same basic shape. These days Red Paprika even comes in elonged shape like Chili pepper.

This is me playing with chinese brush painting style using watercolours on watercolour paper in miniature size. 1.5x3.5in for those of you not familiar with Artist Trading Cards.
Today I spent most day continuing the extreme decluttering of my living room. Now as I sit here there are almost only the sofas and the tv cupboard left. The rest are empty shells waiting to be carried away. Then hopefully I will find the energy to paint the walls.
Tomorrow morning my son and I plan to drive to town to buy a few things for the house qand the car and the bicycle he LOL hopes I will use the next year so that he can have the car permanently. The car does look good and WOWWWWW the sound system is fantastic. ( It should be - he have worked I think 50 hours on it)


ming said...

really enjoying how you grow as an artist subtly from post to post