Sunday, May 09, 2010

Still ill but doing well

I am still being ill and had to cancel today's scheduled trip. My hiking buddy went however and planned longer trips in that area for when we both are rid of this virus. (She started last week). She also got the paperwork for a so called Top Ten challenge which most places have made these last years. In short that is to hike to 10 different mountain tops and sign a guest book there/mark a paper. Each trip earn you a certain number of points. In September you send in your points and some places you get a diploma or you can buy a mug or get a medal if you have so and so many points or do all 10 tops. Since it has been going on for a couple of years there is also a 5 or 10 year in a row prize some places. My hiking buddy and I plan to do all the orientation posts locally as well as all the Top Tens hehehe. Important to set high expectations and goals for ourselves. LOL. I am pretty sure we wil manage the goals too hehehe.

The virus has made me tired and achy and also brought a bad headache. I have been able to do a bit of hourse chores but the gardening I had planned was too hard.

I have done very very well on water. Have poured down water and tea all day. A special thanks to Kristin who reminded me of the comforts of tea. Yesterday I completely forgot.

Foodwise I have been supergood - only #1 ideal foods today. I made myself a cottage cheese and strawberry/peach fromage which turned out tasting fantastic. I made a 1kg fromage all in all and only about 450kcal in total, which makes each snack portion only 45-100kcal depending on how much I wanted.

1 cup (300g) cottage cheese

frozen strawberries

6 ts of gelantine powder

2 dl of water

1dl of non suger nearly non kcal peach tasting lemonade

2 cans (2.3dl in total) of peach yoplait 0% yoghurt

splenda for sweetness