Friday, May 14, 2010

Vikheia 541 moh

As you can imagine I felt wonderful when we finally arrived at the top. The weather was fantastic and nature gave us it all.
At every one of the Top Ten tops both in Bostrak and in Tørdal there is a mailbox with a book in it where the visitors sign to show that they eally have been there.

The First part of the track was an old tractor road.

At the end there was a part with rocks covering the road. They were quite loose so that too turned out a nice training in balance. The paths then turned right and now part of it is a path but mostly we just follow the blue ribbons.

Lots of the path was walking on rocks. It being dry today it was easy and nice walking even with the continous fairly steep uphill walking

Other parts was more foresty

Both my walking buddy (here) and I love it when we start to come up in more open landscapes.

In our backpacks we always carry extra clothes because it can become quite cold and windy on tops when the sweat start cooling. Also we bring extra water and some food.

As we continued to get higher the view became more and more spectacular. Then we started worrying about going downhill on our road home. I am happy to tell you that it ended up being easier than we had feared.

Map of the route Click and a interactive map will open