Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today's route was up to Torsøl, 200meters above sea level so not as high as the one we did on Friday but still mainly uphill. I was fairly stiff after yesterday's workout at the gym but put on some muscle gel and was ready to go.

Yesterday was a day of thunder and pouring rain which continued a bit into today's trip so we had to wear rainproof clothing. That turned not to be the biggest challenge either. What was the biggest challenge was that all the rain coming down yesterday and last night could only travel one way and that is downhill and the brook on the side of the tractor road or paths could not take it all so the road itself became a brook turning the dirt into mud and making it a challenge. But challenges are to be met and make us stronger.

Fortunately the weather cleared a bit so on the trip down we did not have the rain.

Doing this trip today despite the bad weather and the horrible condition of the path makes us as hikers belong to another league than the ones who only do sunny weather trips and I like how that makes me feel.
It is an identity that I enjoy.