Saturday, May 15, 2010

Due to rain I exchanged the slippery slopes for the gym today and spent 2 totally intense hours there untill it closed. Had it stayed open longer I would have done more sets.

I had worried a bit about needing to go down on resistance/weight on the machines because I have prioritized hiking the last month to wlrking out at the gym, I needed not have worried. I maintained level or improved on all. It goes to show that hiking in uneven terrain with lots of altitude challenges really works the whole body.

I started warming up rowing but ended up wanting to beat my personal best of 1h. In the end I did 1h10 on level 10 and at a higher intensity than the last time so that was one personal best. That is 7.5 miles rowed

Then I switched like crazy between doing upper and lower body exercises so that every second was spent working out.

On the leg press machine the highest number of resistance/weight possible is 200kg. To beat that one has been a personal goal for some time and today I did it. Now that my belly is less in the way I will be able to do a bigger range of motion than what I did in the beginning. No wonder they call leg press "an ego boost for the beginner lifter". I do not mind. I love it. It makes me feel strong without triggering knee pains. Also it works several and large muscle groups which I find great.

The hikes like yesterday's when the altitude increase during it was 1500feet has given me great gluts I think hehehe. My bad knees can also handle challenges better these days :-)

Now that the inflammation in my upper arm and shoulder has kept away for a while I hope to be able to increase the weight on exercises that use the arms too. Shoulder press and chest press has been exercises that has been near impossible to do at all in several periods the last couple of years due to that bad arm that kept freezing and giving me insane pains. I swear, I would rather give birth.

Today I am very proud and very much look forward to continuing my journey towards strength and fitness.


Level 10

1.10.45 611kcal

12.030meters ca 34 s/m


Number of sets x kg 1kg=2.21lbs

(all sets are 12 unless otherwise stated)


Leg Press

Lår forside, glutinus

1x125 1x145 1x165

1x185 3x 200 =MAX on machine


Leg Extension

lår forside

1x26 1x33


Leg Curl

Lår bakside


7 a

Pectoral Fly

Bryst, biceps


7 b

Rear Deltaoid

skuldre bak, rygg



Lateral Pull Down

rygg, biceps =nedtrekk

1x26 1x8x33


Shoulder Press

skuldre, triceps



Chest Press

bryst, triceps

1x12 2x19