Monday, May 17, 2010

17th of May 2010

This year is the first year after the two schools (the 1-7th grade one) and (the 8-10grade one) is one 1-10grade school so the banner is a new one reflecting that. This year my childrens' father's father Olaf Vogsland was the one who had the honor of giving the speech at the monument. He chose his focus on retelling the history of when we got the Constitution in 1814 which is what this celebration is all about. Our constitution like the American one is very much influenced by the thoughts of the french revolution.

For more photos of how we celebrate our national day see my blog for last year where you will see examples of both my and my daughters different national costumes called bunad.
Later today I had to put on some training clothes and get out walking a bit. Walking in nature one needs sometimes to not push ahead all the time but take the time to see and say hi to the smaller beautiful things one meets.

This last photo I loved the symbolic meaning of: How it shows new growth next to last years whithered leaves.