Friday, May 28, 2010

Yesterday as well as today I walked a round route along Bjorvann (a lake) walking though a beautifully restored farm with 2-300 year old buildings. This route was a very nice route with varied but mainly soft terrain of the kind that gives relief to knees and hips in between climbing the highest tops. We started close to Bustrak School

This school has only one more year to live. Just this week the local municipal board voted that it will be closed down. Another victim in the quest for centralization.

The first couple of meters towards the start of the forest track. In the background you can see the tops
Skarve and Storenut which we hiked some days ago (se blog post)
The terrain were varied between soft roads, stoned path, forest path and edge of fields.

At nice intervals we could see the lovely waterview

Several places along the route I bet are swimming site sin summer.

Then we arrived at the goal, LOL where they put up the mailbox with the magic signing book so that we can gather our points. This as you can see was a lovely spot to eat our apples and drink that water.

One of the views along the path was towards Vikheia, the second Top we couquered this spring ( see blog post for more)

Towards the end we approached the old farm that has given its name to this route, Østgardene ( The East Farms) . As with many old places it has its bird cherry tree Prunus Padus.
I will find out more about these lovely restored buildings which are 2-300 years old. As you can see the roofs are modern, but the rest looks like it used to look in the old days.

These three big flat rocks are target rocks. In the old days when guns used powder these were used for target practice. Drangedal has always been proud of its shooters, and still many score high on national competitions. Also Biathlon is highly regarded here.

Walking around admiring skies and lakes and trees and buildings it is important to also remember to see the smaller things.