Sunday, May 30, 2010

The adminitrators have made such nice wooden signs to use at the start of each route.

It has become quite normal to see snakes along our route. Fortunately I am not afraid but my walking buddy is not too happy about it. In Norway we only have 1 poisonous snake. Hoggormen (Vipera berus) but the most common "snake" is not really a snake but a lizard without legs: Stålorm Anguis fragilis (worm of steel) . I think all those we have seen this far is the last variation. Cats enjoy catching and eating these so probably a cat has killed and dragged the leftovers into the path here.

Here I am pointing towards Viksheia, the first top we did.

As usual the signing of the book in the mailbox is the high point of the trip hehehe.