Sunday, May 30, 2010

We started our trip just behind Bø skule by the sports field.

Terrain was varied, some parts were rocky path.

As we got higher we started to get abit of a view.

My walking companion was not too happy when we met this little fellow, but it was even more scared for us and "run" away quickly.

This wiev is towards Roennomnibben. To the right, at the base of that Top formation is Skarveberget, one of the other Top ten trips (see blog post)

I love twisted trees so much more that the perfectly pruned ones. They are like stories about life.

Then we came to the top. Not a high one as you can see, only 165moh.

This is a socalled Gapahuk. A kind of open shed. Many of the children's schools have built them within a fair walking distance to the schools and classes walk up there bringing sausages and such and enjoy themselves. Often they also have biology lessons connected to these Gapahuks.
As usual we sign the book in the mailbox

On our way down be catch glimpses of the community below.

This church, Bø kyrkje is where my son was baptised and then confirmated 6 years ago.