Thursday, February 04, 2010

When in Doubt, Do It!'s picture

Another cold and windy day. Very beautiful but that cold wind ruined some of the enjoyment of being outdoors during breaks today.

I very much wanted today to be a day of walking outdoors but had nearly decided that it really would be too uncomfortable, also because I was a bit stiff as well with aching knees.

BUT then I decided that my mantra for February should be "When in doubt, do it!" so I drove home and with double layers and a scarf three times around my neck and lower face I started walking. I told myself that I would at least endure 15 minutes. I ended up doing 45. The first 30 my right knee kept complaining (not in a dangerous way), then after 30 minutes I think it gave up and I felt nothing more LOL. Then as usual my right foot' toes cramped up as they always do for a strange reason. They do that when I walk on different surfaces and in different shoes. BUT I COMPLETED THE WALK :-) and was very happy about that.

Being close to the Gym I now decided to drop in and do some stretches there and maybe, just maybe some upper body workout. Decided that it probably would be wise to warm up my upper body a bit more so I hit the rowing machine. It has been a long time since I have used it so I had no expectations at all or rather negative ones due to knee being a bit uncooperative. So I told myself I would at least try to do 5 minutes, then at least 50 kcal, then 10 min, 100 kcal etc etc. Did 15 minutes - 122 kcal on level 10 of 10 possible levels :-) Was very proud of myself but probably looked like a wreck stumbling out of the contraption :-)

Did about 30 min on upper body work, lots of stretches, some abs and then cooled down by 5 min slowly walking on the treadmill.

Only one thing left to do - send a bragging sms to daughter LOL.

Now I will enjoy well deserved filled plaice with vegs and natural rice.