Friday, February 19, 2010's picture

Today was finally the last day before the winter holiday week, and I could feel it. I started my day as usual now on Fridays together with the neck and back group training. I also considered doing a bit more at the gym after work but ended up deciding to build up for a proper workout tomorrow morning. My joints and especially my arm is bothering me quite a bit at the moment so I am doing a balancing act trying to work out as much as possible while at the same time not triggering bad pain too much. It is not possible now to know what I will be able to do tomorrow, but I do hope my body will allow me lots hehe.

Sometimes my fragility scares me. Today one of the elder boy students gave me a man hug just for fun, you know the kind where they pat your back. He was not hard handed but it really hurt and for quite a bit afterwards as well. My very tissue gives me pain so very easily and I desper. It is also in collision with my personality which is more at home on the bare mountains than in the greenhouse.

My journey will always be twosided, rehabbing what can be fixed or improved and trying to make the rest more bearable.