Monday, February 01, 2010

Wishing you flowers from a dear one today.

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Unhappy today - not ready for another of these extreme cold periods. -24C this morning, not even possible to turn the key in the ignition - car frozen solid and will probably stay so untill we've had a couple of mild days. The worst is that the strong cold is supposed to last at least this week and a bit into the next.

No transportation to the gym (or anywhere else for that matter), no nice long outdoor walks.
Can't get my new training ball from the sports shop unless someone offers to drive me there. In short - I'm being negative today.

I know it is excuses as well as explanations and hopefully tomorrow I will feel fit for fight and will find ways of handling this positively. As for today I allow myself a tiny little pityparty with fan ovens working overtime and me under a duvet in the sofa reading.