Saturday, February 06, 2010's picture

Today I really was not very motivated for any workouts but I packed my gymbag and got moving.

* 40 min treadmill (5.6km/h, incline 2.5 With a couple of 30 sec running at 7.5 thrown in)
* 22 min of Strength (Leg press 12x165/175/185/185kg) and Toe raises on Leg press machine on 105kg: 2 sets of 12) + Stretches
* 10 min Row Machine (level 10, 1700m)

Then the Gym closed so I found my trusted Snowy Forest Road and followed it far into the woods for 1h 22 min at quite a good speed 2/3 of the way. The last bit was on a lower "gear". Lovely Trip. I only met a tractor and not a single car.

Stiff and Sore? YEPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!