Monday, February 08, 2010's picture

Today I started the twice weekly Back and Neck Training that is lead by a Physiotherapist. It was very good because it was kind of low intensity but still felt very intense because she made us do exercises that challenged our bodies with movements that we either normally don't do or have taught ourselves not to do to avoid pain. Several very simple exercises were quite difficult just for that reason. That made me very satisfied and determined to continue with it even though it is a bit challenging because it lasts a bit after my work starts. An understanding inspector and principal at my work makes it possible, at least for a time.

Well, I skipped the last part which was relaxation (somewhat similar to autogen training I think) and run from the gym hall to the classroom. In short it is hectic to make it possible, but I think it will be worth that and the costs.

After work and the after work meeting I went home but was not satisfied so in the end I drove down to the Gym tonight and spent 66 minutes on the treadmill hehe. For some strange reason I ended up with blisters UNDER my foot today. Very strange.